Hello everyone!


Storm Forged has been out about six weeks now. It’s hard to believe that I actually have a book out. Hearing how much people are enjoying the story makes all the effort worthwhile. I’d like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement.

On to what’s happening:

This Saturday, I’ll be doing my first signing at Park Road Books. They will have copies on hand to buy or bring in yours and I’ll sign it. The information is here:

The second Darkest Storm novel has been sent to the beta readers and from what I’ve heard the 2nd book is going to be great. I’ll have more news once I turn it in to Mr. Hartness at Falstaff books. I’m currently writing a novella and started a series outside the Darkest Storm universe. I’m super excited to try my hand at something new. I love Tommy and his story, but I’ve got some great ideas for these books.

I’m running a giveaway on Amazon. If you are a winner you will receive the eBook for FREE!!! You can enter here

On Tuesday night, I did my first ever reading. Bobby Nash and I read excerpts from our books and it was a great time. Plus the food at Jackalope Jacks was amazing. Bobby read from his Snow Series. My mom bought a copy he did such a good job. Go buy this now!

John Hartness has a new collection of shorts out in his Quincy Harker series. It is my favorite series (well until the seventh Black Night Chronicles comes out , then all bets are off). Read it before he becomes super famous!

I’m still working through Changeling’s Fall and it keeps getting better. If you like fantasy, you won’t be disappointed.

And last but not least: This is next in my to be read pile. It’s set in the Bubba the Monster Hunter Universe. I can’t wait to dig in.

If you’ve read Storm Forged and liked it PLEASE leave me a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Until next time!