Sorry it’s been a while lots of news to go over!!!

I have a cover artist that I’m working with!  His name is Davey Beauchamp and his work is fantastic.

You can check out his art in “The Art of Davey Beauchamp”. I am super excited to see what he’s come up with for the Storm Forged cover.

Proofreading is underway and once that and the cover are signed off on the Falstaff team will submit the finals to be printed. I don’t have the exact release date, but it will be ready by June 1st for ConCarolinas. I’ll be there with Falstaff Books to sell and sign copies! I’m very excited that Seanan McGuire will be there. I love the InCryptid series (seriously go read it while you wait for Storm Forged) and just picked up “Every Heart’s a Doorway”.

Speaking of Falstaff Books, they just launched their romance line, which ain’t your momma’s harlequin romances. Alexandra Christian’s Huntress: A Paranormal Romance is out now.

Once the book is out, there will also be signings at Park Road Books and possibly other places, but those are still tentative.

I’ve been plugging away at Book 2. It’s coming along nicely. My at home readers (Hope & Emily) are enjoying it so that makes me feel a bit better. I love the story so far, but I’m really close to it. Just past 32k of a target of 100k. I’m thinking the first draft will be done and out to the beta readers by June.

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Until next time,