Long ago and in at a desk far away (ok, not really that far away), I started writing a book.  I had tried many times before, but I felt up to the challenge.  I sat down and wrote a third of the book.  It was good, but I was floundering.  Enter Kevin Hearne (author of the Iron Druid series).  After a book signing, a group went to Sir Edmond Halley’s (https://www.facebook.com/SirEdsPub) for a beer a bit of talk.  Kevin asked about my book then why it wasn’t done.  After a series of lame excuses, he said “Put your butt in the chair and get it done”.  I did just that.  Three months later Storm Forged was “done”.

Fast Forward to August 2017.  I met publisher John Hartness from Falstaff books at the same Sir Edmond Halley’s and signed a three book deal.  My first novel is scheduled to come out in 2018.  Hopefully book two will be out by the end of the year with three in 2019.  This has long been a dream of mine to publish a book.  I couldn’t be more excited about working with John and the staff of Falstaff to produce, what I hope, will be a great novel.

So as I start on my journey, I hope you’ll follow along.  My Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/patrick.dugan.3781) will have all the updates and www.patrickdugan.net/blog will have my journal entries and cover reveals etc.

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