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Patrick Dugan was born in the far north of New York, where the cold winds blow. This meant lots of time for reading over the long winters. His parents didn’t care what he read as long as he did. This started with a steady diet of comics and science fiction novels, Heinlein being his favorite in those days.
After two degrees and lots of odd jobs, Charlotte, North Carolina beckoned. Packing up his dog sled he headed for warmer climes and a lot less snow. After working for Blockbuster Video, he moved into IT to become a programmer. Still a voracious reader, he read all sorts of great books. Rothfuss, Butcher, Duncan, Sanderson, Hobb, Farland, Hearne, and Feist sparked his imagination and he started writing horribly. Bad short stories and worse novels would follow. Thankfully these are nowhere to be found.

The book was passed around to avid readers for feedback and, much to his surprise, people loved it. Enter John Hartness of Falstaff books. He had read it and loved it. It was picked up in August 2017 with the release date of May 29th 2018.

There are more books planned for the Storm Forged series with releases tentatively planned for 2019 and 2020. So there is a lot more to come!


E-Mail: pduganauthor@gmail.com