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Discover Science Fiction & Fantasy worlds that will stimulate your mind and have you up late turning pages

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Still on the run from The Protectorate and Reclaimers, a visitor appears with a dire warning about their missing friend, dragging them into a conflict that has raged since the beginning of time. In order to rescue him they’ll need to face down The Syndicate, fight against powers they can’t fathom, and enlist the help of the Underground. And if they fail? Failure means the destruction of everyone and everything they care about in this world.


To rescue his friend and protect his family and everyone he cares about, Tommy must face his toughest foe yet – the revenge-obsessed Grim Reaper. Can they put aside their differences and work together to save the lives of the people they love? To become the hero he must, Tommy must truly become… Unbreakable.


The X-Men meets The Hunger Games in this thrilling debut superhero novel!
Tommy Ward just wanted to go through life like everybody else. Go to school, make friends, meet girls, play video games. You know, the stuff normal high school kids do. But Tommy isn’t normal, and the silver collar around his neck lets everybody know it.
Tommy is one of the Gifted, people born with special abilities that are locked down by the collars. But being a Gifted was outlawed after massive terrorist attacks destroyed half the world’s population. Now Tommy’s father is trapped as a participant in a terrible game show, where the only prize is death.
Tommy and his friends vow to save his dad, but without their powers, how will they do it? Tommy is about to find out that everything has a price, and sometimes you have to pay more than you can afford.


In a world where everyone is against you, is any place truly safe?

Against all odds, Tommy Ward survived the Darkest Storm and its aftermath but his biggest challenge announces itself with the blare of a siren. Now, the team is in a race against time to destroy the planet-threatening ray responsible for the deaths of billions of people before the Protectorate can use it to eliminate the Gifted once and for all.

To save humanity, Tommy and his team of outcasts must travel the Earth from Cairo to San Francisco, Boston to Tokyo, and fight the Brotherhood, the Syndicate, and the Reclaimers for control of the weapon that could end life on Earth.

Bonds will break, alliances will be tested, and secrets will be revealed as the fate of Tommy and everyone he loves hangs in the balance.


Broken by Magic Forged By Fate

Astaria is ruled by wizards, everyone knows that.

Quinn is a journeyman blacksmith for the Wizard Usorin, until, after a tragic accident, Quinn loses his arm and his livelihood.

When he is befriended by Roland, he learns the secret behind the wizard’s power and is set on a path against a foe who seeks to destroy not only Astaria but magic itself.


Astaria: Magi ruled; Watcher protected.

Quinn, Watcher of Astaria, has in his possession the most powerful magic in the land - the only problem is, he doesn’t know how to wield its power. Now that the Magi are being hunted by an unseen foe, who use ruthless predators that kill on command. Can Quinn figure out his magic and defeat this elusive enemy before it is too late? What he finds may well shift the course of Astaria and possibly the whole world.

Do Quinn and his fellow Watchers have enough to stop a plot that will take them across Astaria and to faraway lands?


After the events in Of Cogs & Conjuring, Watcher Victoria Wyndham has taken on a mission to stop the people behind the drugging of animals to use as weapons. She sets out on a mission that will twist and turn as she travels the length of the continent in pursuit of the culprits.

Armed with pistols, potions, and a puny sense of humor, does Victoria have what it will require to complete the mission or more importantly, survive.


The epic conclusion to The Watchers of Astaria series!

Maybe coming back to life wasn’t the best idea.

Brulle Cobb was a watcher until he was pushed too far and faked his death to escape. After Victoria Wyndham showed up on his doorstep, he’s drawn back into Astarian politics. The Watchers are in a race against the clock to stop a group of cultists from bringing their goddess back to the world and enslaving the free people of Astaria, and they need all hands on deck.

Now, Brulle, Quinn, and Victoria must outsmart High Priestess Nimish who has so far evaded all attempts at finding her, much less preventing her ritual. With all the countries around Astaria whipped into murderous frenzies by the mysterious priestess, their armies converging on Iron Harbor and threatening to destroy the heart of Astaria itself, the three Watchers and a few unlikely comrades may be the world’s only hope. For Nimish’s ritual to invite Ghuasis, the goddess of the underworld, to dine upon the souls of unbelievers is not only feasible but may already have begun.

Can the three pull together to stop not one, but two armies from destroying the people they have sworn to protect before it is to late?

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Welcome to Hub!

Just a few simple rules apply:
1. Never Steal from Dragons
2. See Rule #1
3. Never Work for Dragons

In Hub, a city of treachery and deceit, Gelsey, a pixie, is one of the best thieves around. When a smash and grab assignment turns into a job interview with a powerful dragon, Gelsey finds herself a part of a crew including five more of the best criminals Hub has to offer.
Her crew includes Silai, a con artist with a deadly secret. Kelthar, a mage who’s bent on self-destruction. Aikila, a smuggler set on avenging her father's murder. Nyx, a hacker coming off a busted run, and Lorcan, a mercenary whose child is being held hostage. The dragon pulls all their strings, forcing them to accept an impossible job: break into a fortress nobody in all of Hub’s long history has ever cracked. And if they fail, they’ll end up dead one way or another.

A wild mix of fairy tale and Cyberpunk that hits all the marks of classic crime capers. Reads like Elmore Leonard and Neil Stephenson playing D&D in a pixie-infested bar and having the time of their lives way past last call.
Kat Richardson, Bestselling author of the Greywalker novels

Dugan weaves an excellent heist story by blending the fantasy, cyberpunk, and even noir genres. The world building is top notch, including the lore which uses familiar creatures, but in new ways. This is the book for you if you enjoy cyberpunk, urban fantasy, heist stories, or any combination thereof!
Bishop O'Connell Author of American Faerie Tale series and Two-Gun Witch

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