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Fairy Films: Wee People on the Big Screen

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Since their inception, motion pictures have brought fantastic imagery to life, mining mythology and folklore to entertain audiences worldwide. As a staple of fantasy, fairies almost immediately received attention and their influence on the artform of film has never truly waned. Even into the modern era, filmmakers draw upon the themes of fairy lore, perhaps unknowingly.

Quaint children’s tales of whimsical, benevolent sprites belie a rich tradition of complex, magical beings sharing our reality, entities whose very existence may have some root in fact. In this groundbreaking collection of essays, editor Joshua Cutchin reveals how this ancient body of folklore infuses multiple genres of contemporary cinema.

Featuring essays by Wren Collier, Joshua Cutchin, Susan Demeter, Patrick Dugan, David Floyd, Jack Hunter, Allison Jornlin, James P. Nettles, Neil Rushton, Mark Anthony Wyatt, and Simon Young.

Edited by Joshua Cutchin

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