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Storm Shattered

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In a world where everyone is against you, is any place truly safe? Against all odds, Tommy Ward survived the Darkest Storm and its aftermath but his biggest challenge announces itself with the blare of a siren. Now, the team is in a race against time to destroy the planet-threatening ray responsible for the deaths of billions of people before the Protectorate can use it to eliminate the Gifted once and for all. To save humanity, Tommy and his team of outcasts must travel the Earth from Cairo to San Francisco, Boston to Tokyo, and fight the Brotherhood, the Syndicate, and the Reclaimers for control of the weapon that could end life on Earth. Bonds will break, alliances will be tested, and secrets will be revealed as the fate of Tommy and everyone he loves hangs in the balance. Storm Shattered is the explosive conclusion to The Darkest Storm trilogy that began with the award-winning Storm Forged. The Darkest Storm Trilogy: Storm Forged Unbreakable Storm Storm Shattered
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