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The Ashen Orb Bounty

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Cowboy Bebop meets the Witcher

In a land torn asunder by a monstrous invasion, the only thing protecting the enclaves of thinking people in Southern Holm are high walls and the valiant warrior troops that strive to beat back the hordes, one troll at a time. When Saria and her Shadow Blades are asked to take on a secret bounty to retrieve a magical artifact from a forgotten temple, Saria’s suspicions aren’t aroused.She’s too busy hiring an archer and preparing their new mage to worry about anything but the job ahead of them.

At least not until another troop attempts to collect a bounty—on the Shadow Blades’ heads.Saria should have known better than to accept a mission to recover this Ashen Orb for the notorious sorceress Brar Opalback. After surviving the assassination attempt, she and her fellow

warriors—Lithia, the shadow fae archer, Perric, the human paladin, Ayre, the elven thief, and Jileli, the half succubus blood mage—must outwit wild and deadly forests, ingenious traps, and undead armies if they hope to get any answers.

It would be a shame to die without ever finding out who wanted you dead.

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