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Unbreakable Storm

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After doing the unthinkable and escaping the deadly Gauntlet, Tommy Ward and his friends struggle to come to terms with the price they paid for their survival. But they won’t have time to process their grief, because Tommy is still Gifted, and the world still wants him enslaved. Or dead.

Still on the run from The Protectorate and Reclaimers, a visitor appears with a dire warning about their missing friend, dragging them into a conflict that has raged since the beginning of time. In order to rescue him they’ll need to face down The Syndicate, fight against powers they can’t fathom, and enlist the help of the Underground. And if they fail? Failure means the destruction of everyone and everything they care about in this world.

To rescue his friend and protect his family and everyone he cares about, Tommy must face his toughest foe yet – the revenge-obsessed Grim Reaper. Can they put aside their differences and work together to save the lives of the people they love? To become the hero he must, Tommy must truly become… Unbreakable.

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