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Watchers of Astaria: Season One

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Astaria: Magi ruled; Watcher protected

Pledged to defend Astaria from its enemies both magical and martial, newest Watcher Quinn undertakes his first mission to investigate a vicious series of attacks on humans by enthralled animals. When he discovers that a mysterious drug is controlling the tortured beasts, he enlists the help of a fellow Watcher, Victoria, an expert in both alchemy and terrible puns. Her research leads her through the skies of Astaria and jungles of Uwhela, seeking the source of the chemicals and instead finding a long-lost friend, former Watcher Brulle, who was thought to be dead.

Oh, and a plot that could destroy Astaria once and for all. And this time, not even the mighty Magi who rules the land can protect them.

After convincing Brulle to help save their homeland one last time, Quinn, Victoria, and Brulle must use their unique talents to outsmart a fiendish cult leader bent on bringing the god of death to the earthly realm. As armies amass on all sides of Astaria, the Watchers and their allies must solve the eternal puzzle. How can mere mortals defeat a god?

This contains the Novellas Of Cogs & Conjuring, Pistols & Potions, and Machines & Monsters
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